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Our Mission:

At Gospel Dj Drops our mission is to provide Gospel Radio Stations
and Gospel Dj's with High Quality Dj Drops, Radio Sweepers, Radio Drops, Voice Drops and more. We want your Radio Station Imaging to stand out from rest of the Radio Stations out there while you spread the Gospel. We love helping Radio Stations take their Radio Imaging to another level while they are spreading the Good News.


When we produce our Dj Drops, we put time and effort into making them the best quality Dj Drops or Radio Sweepers for your radio station or your Gospel Mix. We take the time to mix down each Dj Drop or Radio Sweeper to make it hit with punch and quality. If you would like to hear from Free sample of our Dj Drops click here.

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Even though we put a lot of time and effort into our product to make them the Highest Quality possible. We also keep the customer in mind as far as our pricing. We have seen Dj Drops on the internet go for as much as $20 for 1 Dj Drop.

Now we could easily charge that, but one of our main goals at Gospel Dj Drops is to help Radio Stations and Gospel Dj's spread the Gospel through the airwaves.  Our goal is to provide cheap dj drops with professional quality.

We have a few options that you can choose from: We have the Pre-Produced Dj Drop Pack and we also have Custom Dj Drop Pack.  


Custom Dj Drops – Pricing

Basic pack


3 Custom Dj Drops

Up to 5 seconds running time

Voice Only

One .MP3 file

Standard PACK

$ 30.00

3 Custom Dj Drops

Up to 5 seconds running time

Voice Fx

Sound Fx

Mix Drops to 3 separate .MP3 files

Wheels of Steel Pack

$ 65.00$55.00

3 Custom Dj Drops

Up to 5 seconds running time


Mix drops to 3 separate .MP3 files

High Quality Compression

Pitch Shift Fx

Stutter Fx

Boost Drops to be Radio Ready

Pre-Produced Dj Drops

Dj Drops 2021

15 High Quality Dj Drops Plus 5 Bonus Drops For Internet Radio Stations For the Holiday Season

Gospel Pack – Internet Edition

Add Some Spice To Your Gospel Radio Station or Your Gospel Radio Show With These Drops.

Gospel Pack Volume III

Add Some Spice To Your Internet Radio Station With The Fresh Dj Drops.

Holy Hip Hop Pack – Volume V

This Pack Is Designed For The Gospel Stations That Play Holy Hip Hop.