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Do you need some cutting edge Gospel Dj Drops?

Are you a Gospel Dj or a Gospel Radio Station that is in need of some Fresh Gospel Dj Drops?

gospel dj drops

Well if you are a station manager or a Gospel Dj we would love to hook you up with some Funky Fresh Dj drops that will take your radio station image to another level.

One thing I can say about our Dj Drops is that your Gospel Radio Station will go to another level. We don't only offer traditional Dj Drops, Radio Sweepers and One Liners, but the quality of our work is professional and our customer service is amazing.

It is time to let your radio station stand out from the rest. It is time as a Gospel Dj to take your mix to another level.

We at Gospel Dj Drops have over 25 years experience of music production, beat making, and voice overs.

Well you have come to the right place. Gospel Dj Drops is your one stop source for Radio Sweepers, Station Id's, One Liners and so much more.

We specialize in Gospel Dj Drops and would love to give you 10 Free samples of our Dj Drops.

What are dj Drops?DJ “drop” is a cued sample on a CD, vinyl record, MP3 sample or other audio file that is used to identify the DJ, a radio station or give hype to a DJ mix. A DJ “drop” can also be a sound effect, a blip of a song or a customized audio identification. Dj drops are usually 5 to 7 seconds in length.

How can Dj Drops enhance your radio station?

Add energy to your Mix:Having  a nice Dj Drop can add so much energy to your station and take away the routine of going from one song to another.

Stand out as a Gospel Dj:Having a Dj Drop can also help you as a Gospel Dj to stand out. You can make a custom Dj Drop with your name on it and that will help you to stand out as a Gospel Dj.

Helps you to switch smoothly from one song to the next:Back in the day Dj's used to scratch and mix from one song to another. Well you can still do that today, but with a nice funky fresh dj drops that has all the mixing sound pre-recorded. This is guaranteed to give you that old school feel.

Here are some samples of our Gospel Dj Drops:

Custom Dj Drops:

At Gospel Dj Drops dot com we offer pre- produced drops and we offer custom dj drops. Now I can't emphasize enough of how a custom Dj Drops will take your Radio Station, Dj Mix and Radio Imaging to a completely new level. If you would like a custom Dj Drop from us just click here and we would love to serve you.

Our custom Dj Drops start at only $5 or you can upgrade:

Here the packages you can choose from:

Starter Package

  • 3 Custom DJ Drops
  • Voice Fx
  • One .MP3 File

Standard Package

  • 3 Custom DJ Drops
  • Voice Fx
  • Sound Fx
  • Mix your drops into 3 separate .MP3 files

Wheels of Steel  Package

  • 3 Custom DJ Drops
  • Voice Fx
  • Sound Fx
  • Mix your drops to 3 separate .MP3 files
  • Equalization
  • Pitch Shift
  • The popular Stutter Effect
  • Lossless High Quality .WAV Files
  • Boost your Dj Drops to make them ready to play on the radio

You can click here if you would like to purchase your Gospel Dj Drops for your Gospel Radio Station Now:

free dj drops

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